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What to Consider When Deciding if You Need a Property Manager

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Do you have time to manage your properties?

Do you have the skills and tools to manage properly?  Putting in poor tenants can cost you a lot of money.  Poor administrative work can hurt at tax time.

Do you know the proper legal measures to get bad tenants out?

Do you know your rights as a landlord? 

Do you know the tenants rights?

How involved do you want to be?  Property Managers can help you with the little parts of the business you may not be interested, or they can look after everything so you can do the work you do without worry.

Will not having a professional manage your investment cost you money in the long run? Will you be able to fill the vacancies? Get problem tenants out quickly?  Get the going rate for rent? Know when to raise your rent?  Avoid the tribunal?

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