Reasons to Hire a Property Manager

-  You live too far away from your investment to properly attend to the needs of your property

-  You don’t want phone calls in the middle of the night from tenants about emergencies

-  You have grown your rental portfolio to a level too big to handle all by yourself

-  To eliminate stress about your investment

-  To focus your time on other aspects of your life such as family, recreation work or travel

-  Property managers not only know the laws surrounding tenant/landlord issues, a property manager can help resolve issues as a neutral third party to avoid and resolve problems

-  A property manager is intimidating to potential problem tenants.  These types of tenants know they are going to be screened more thoroughly by a property manager and you are therefore more likely to get quality tenants

-  Get quality, up to the date advice on the market, an understanding of how to advertise vacant units and an inside knowledge of potential tenants

-  A property manager is aware of effective leases and thorough application process

-  Not be bothered by tenants regarding minor repairs to your property

-  Monthly financial statements outlining all your rent collected and property expenditures.  This proves invaluable at tax time.

-  You want your investment to grow with little actual hands on work.  We often do the same thing with Financial advisors.

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